It is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well sometimes, Jack is not always a boy, he could be a group of boys, or boys and girls.

This time, Jack is a group of adults making a profit for a company, and no matter how little the profit is, Jack needs to go out to play. This is why as a company owner, you need to consider taking your staff out once in a while is important to ease off the stress and create a better work environment for more productivity and efficiency.

Employers on Collected.Reviews testify to the essentiality of the company’s picnic from their reviews on the site. Planning a company’s picnic doesn’t require too much hard work, you can sort of the meal part of the picnic by doing simple research about online food stores that can handle the catering.

If you are going to prepare the dishes yourself, here are 6 dishes that you can easily prepare and can be enjoyed on a picnic.

1. Salads:

By salads, you should not serve your staff shredded leaves and cream. They are the reason why your company makes so much money, they are very important to your company and you should treat them as such. You can opt for these ingredients to make an exquisite salad dressing – a mixture of potatoes, crispy veggies, and of course mustards. Don’t forget to add eggs to this delicious combo.

2. Sausage:

Hardly will you find anyone who does not appreciate a nice serving of sausage. You can add other elements like tomatoes, onions, special flavors, etc to spice it up and make it unique.

3. Pastries:

Enjoy your picnic more by introducing pastries. Bread, pie, croissant, there is a wide list of pastries that you can choose from, to the delight of your employees.

4. Sandwiches:

The list is incomplete without sandwiches. Because it is a picnic, you can serve the sandwiches on sticks. Make sure you stuff them with enough veggies and eggs for nourishment.

5. Sugar Servings:

Sweet treats can also come on your menu for your company’s picnic. Make provision for all or some of cakes, brownies, biscuits, cookies, etc with toppings to make it sweeter can be enjoyed while talking about the stress involved in the job.

6. Drinks:

After or while eating all the available delicacies, employees will need to step down what they have consumed with a drink. You can bring along juice, soda, wine, etc to the picnic.

Picnics are one sure way to make your staff happier and when you make your staff happy, you will see the result in their productivity. Other than that, you can get to know more about your staff during picnics, you can learn about their family, social, and religious life. You can use this knowledge to implement new policies in the company that will favor the staff and the company at large.

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