Finland vs Bitcoin

Table of Contents Trade Bitcoin OnlineWhat is Bitcoin?Why is Bitcoin Popular?The ProblemThe SolutionConclusion Trade Bitcoin Online Do you want to be able to trade Bitcoins online? If you do then, make sure you try using CryptoSoft. This website makes it easy to do and allows you to have total control […]

Trade Bitcoin Online

Do you want to be able to trade Bitcoins online? If you do then, make sure you try using CryptoSoft. This website makes it easy to do and allows you to have total control over what you’re trading and whom you’re trading with.

If for whatever reason, CryptoSoft isn’t for you, then not to worry. Suomiarvostelut will allow you to look through plenty of Crypto trading websites, and look at the reviews left by previous people.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a very new phenomenon, which is why there are so many people who are afraid to try it out, and many will have their (legitimate) criticisms of it.

Bitcoin is a way of trading money without the need for getting a bank involved. When you send money to someone, you’ll be contacting your bank who will withdraw the funds from your account, and pass it onto their account who will accept it.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, cuts out the middle man and gives the money directly from one person to another.

Why is Bitcoin Popular?

You can probably imagine why this is so popular. The main reason is that it’s quicker and slicker. Without a middleman getting in the way, the money can go from one pair of hands to another, just like how it would work when you’re using cash to buy something from a friend.

It’s also beneficial if you wish for your transactions to remain anonymous. Because there’s no bank, the only people who know what you’re buying are you and the person from whom you’re buying.

The Problem

There is, however, a dark side to Bitcoin. And Finland has been at the very heart of it.

Finland is a great country with lovely people and stunning landscapes, which is why it might come as a shock to you to learn that our country used to be the global epicentre for Bitcoin laundering.

Bitcoin laundering is where criminals would sell illegal products with Bitcoin, and then turn those Bitcoins into real money. And for a while, they got away with it.

In doing so, people got rich off of ruining other people’s lives.

The Solution

Because of the amount of laundering that was happening in Finland, the government had no choice but to step in and try to stop it. Which is why to be able to trade using bitcoin, you now need to be licenced by the Finnish government.

This way, only people who are using Bitcoin for legitimate and legal reasons are about offer platforms where people can trade with it, and profit off of it. Ever since the law was put into place, Bitcoin laundering in Finland has gone down significantly.

Of course, not even our government will be able to stop it entirely, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do everything possible.


The popularity of Bitcoin is quite understandable. It’s a secret and quick way to pay for things, and once you know what you’re doing, it’s straightforward to do.

However, there is a dark side to bitcoin, and while the government has passed laws to try and make things safer, you should still be careful. And that’s why I would recommend using sites such as CryptoSoft, which are legal and safe.

Bitcoin is the future, and it’s our duty to make sure it’s going to be a safe future.

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