How You Can Move Your Business to the Cloud

Whether you have a large international company or a local small business, the cloud could be a powerful tool for streamlining your day-to-day operations. Take time to learn more about what the cloud could do for you.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is not a singular location or service, but rather a term referring to any number of remote storage solutions available online. Recently, cloud services have expanded beyond their original purpose as remote storage to include other features like communications software.

Why Should My Business Migrate to the Cloud?

Cloud migration has been growing in recent years, with more and more businesses adopting the cloud as a core element of their infrastructure. It’s easy to understand why once you know what the benefits of cloud services are.

Utilizing the cloud makes collaborating on projects easier. Rather than having shared files like spreadsheets and presentations stored on a single computer and shared through e-mails, where revisions can easily be lost, you can store files in the cloud, where employees can access them on any device. Most cloud document services have features that allow you to track changes and additions to the document and see who made them.

Cloud storage is also more secure than storing important files on individual computers’ hard drives or on backup drives, which can be lost or damaged. With files stored securely and remotely in the cloud, a damaged hard drive or lost thumb drive doesn’t have to mean losing your hard work.

In addition to file storage, some newer cloud features include alternatives to traditional business telecom solutions, like VoIP and video conferencing software.

The cloud’s capabilities are growing every year, and if your business hasn’t embraced this technology yet, it’s time to start looking at what the cloud can do for your business.

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