What to expect from Companies offering Car Moving Services?

Have you finally decided to start a new chapter in your life and move to the state or country you’ve always wanted? Good for you, but you must be terribly busy with all the moving obligations. Perhaps, you’ve hired a moving company Honda Jazz Personal Lease to help you with […]

Have you finally decided to start a new chapter in your life and move to the state or country you’ve always wanted? Good for you, but you must be terribly busy with all the moving obligations. Perhaps, you’ve hired a moving company Honda Jazz Personal Lease to help you with the packing and transportation of your belongings to your new home, but what about your car?

Have you considered what to do with your vehicle? At first, you’ve probably thought to drive it there yourself, but then when you gave this problem a more careful thought, you certainly realized that it would take you numerous days and nights on the road until you finally get there.

Fortunately, you have another more logical and convenient option, which is hiring a car moving company. Auto-transporters Honda Jazz Used Cars provide a huge range of moving services, even by sea or air if you’re moving across continents. All of them have a list of the services they offer, which you can check on their website.

However, let’s go through the main types and decide which one fits you the best.

Truck shipping

The most common method of auto-transport is truck, which uses a big and long trailer for fitting a larger number of vehicles. People usually choose this method as it’s more cost-efficient than the air and rail transport. However, choosing truck shipment is not enough, as you also need to decide on the type of trailer which is one of the main factors affecting the price.

Firstly, you need to decide between single truck trailer and tractor trailer. What’s the difference?

The former transports only one vehicle, which is suitable for transportation of more expensive and luxurious cars, as your auto will be the only one in the trailer. In addition, this type of truck can deliver your automobile at a wider range of locations due to its smaller size; at the same time being faster, because it doesn’t stop on the way to its destination. Consequently, it costs more, but that’s the price you need to pay in order to

secure a safe delivery.

The latter can ship more vehicles at the same time, which reduces the cost, because you share the transport cost with other car owners. As it delivers more autos, naturally its size is bigger and it usually drops them off at the local terminal, where people come to pick them up.

In case you can’t pick up your car from the local terminal, there is an option for it to be transferred to a smaller truck and delivered to your address. Normally, you’ll pay additional money for the service. The tractor trailer takes more time to arrive, as it stops many times on its way to drop off all autos in different cities on its route.

You have one more decision to make, between open and enclosed trailer. Shipping your car in an open carrier means no protection against any type of weather or road accident, as it lacks a roof and sides. You should bear in mind that heavy rain, snow or hail are likely to cause damage in the case of extreme weather conditions.

However, the open carriers are better for the drivers of the trucks, as they are able check the automobiles’ condition at any time they want. On the plus side, these carriers run on less fuel as they’re lighter than the closed ones. Lower fuel consumption means reduced carbon footprint and safer environment.

On the other hand, enclosed carriers provide full protection of your vehicle, being equipped with a roof and four sides. Your car is going to be protected against any type of weather and potential road accidents. The truck driver is the only one who doesn’t benefit from the closed trailer, as he can’t check the autos during the journey. He’ll only check the vehicles when he stops for drop off.

The closed trailer shipping is more expensive and usually selected by people who own luxurious cars or drivers who really take care of their autos. If you want to check the average cost of auto-transport in the States, click on the following link: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/auto/cost-to-ship-a-car.html.

Air freight

The most expensive variant of auto-transport is definitely air freight. People rarely select this method as the price difference compared to the other types of transportation is huge. Anyway, apart from being the costliest, it’s the fastest and the safest of all types.

People who select air freight usually own rare or extremely valuable vehicles and can’t take the risk of anything happening to them. It’s also selected by people who are pressed for time and need the delivery to be done as soon as possible or by people who are shipping autos overseas, in a different country or continent.

You have to drop off and pick up your automobile from the given airport, but if you can’t take care of this tasks, the company will have it delivered to your address. You’ll be charged additionally.

Rail freight

Rail freight is a middle-priced shipping method, not as cheap as the truck one or as expensive as the air freight. It provides good safety and speed of delivery. However, not all customers can use it, as your place of living needs to have a railway station where the cars are dropped.

Additionally, not all auto-transporting companies offer this type of service and those which do, usually don’t accept shipment of one auto only. They’re after commercial clients not regular ones. Nevertheless, if you come across the opportunity to use rail freight, make sure you go with the enclosed type, not the open one.

Wrap up

Choosing an auto-transport method is a harder decision than it looks like. The main factors to consider are the safety of your car, the speed of delivery and the amount of your budget.

Think carefully about these factors and once you’ve made your choice, get quotes from several companies in order to select the best alternative.

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